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larry king now the. world renowned spiritual teacher and his son andi prox latest book god in the peace today is dismantling the idea although the human being some dead weight made in the sky i mean nobody believes that god anymore pandavas revealing documentary about his father i think that humanizing of him will hopefully make his message that much more powerful plus did you grow up inside of a church you know that's next on larry king now. well
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going to another edition of larry king now tonight deepak chopra the new york times best selling author considered to be one of the manston teaches of eastern philosophy in the western world also found of the chill percent of full well being his newest book is god a story of revelation it's an exploration of the evolution of god is a novel and drop them chokers with a deep dark son the author and filmmaker his new film a documentary about his dad called decoding beanpot which is playing in select theaters around the country it's also available on demand for talk about the book how did you come to do this for. why for years i've been watching him on your show and this image of him out there to the world versus the guy sort of thought i knew i wanted to reconcile those two things i've been fascinated by that you follow them around follow them around for a year most much to his occasional frustration but it was. it's eyeopening and as
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much as i think the movie is about him a kind of became about me i'll get to that no while are you angry at him over doing . because he reveals thing i mean there are things about you we have but that's normal and you're human we found out you know you in deep yeah but larry everybody is an actually if you hide behind a social must get real. more you've done more than fifty books garder novels a story a revelation i want to give me the plot the plot began when i came across a story from nineteen thirty in the new york times and it was a meeting between an interest in and the indian poetry loss for mystic rubin and our two girls who are grew up with sort of you know reading is butchery nineteen thirty to meet in a place called potsdam. close to german in germany as well as the parts conference so they meet and they have
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a discussion and you know the site places it was emerging the nazis merging the dog of war and these two guys a dog came but the mystery of our existence and is known for a very famous court i want to know how god thinks everything else is a detail so. to go or have a really interesting discussion where the universe exists whether we are there or not and to go to objects to that he says the universe that we experience is an entirely human universe because they only work that into a novel because it's actually what is called a historical fiction so the facts are all straight they are all absolutely except the dialogue right they don't factor about god is there well you know the but the fact is that the universe has a source whatever you want to call it ok you can call it nothing. you can call it
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god you can call it the unified field you can call it the womb of creation is the source and that source is also the source of space energy information and matter this world that we experience it to be love did you grow up inside the matrix teachings of you yeah i mean i think i'm the product of it it's but you know in my world and in the film really is there are no rigid laws i mean despite the fact that he's written all these books you know we didn't grow up with this sort of rigid idea of a way of life. we grew up around this sort of philosophy which early in my life was in some ways very hard to grasp and there's certain times still hard to grasp but i think that there's a few core principles i've taken away and that have had profound effect which is that being his target but the mystery of the universe and to be perpetually surprised by our you believe really faith. into those you know fluent it's
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this book for example starts with a job in the old testament who's tested by god and we still ask ourselves the question why do good people suffer. then moved to socrates or who know if you don't you know god then moves to sin pause who has this vision of christ the lady of the you lose you know a new christ and it goes leg that through me through some christian since ultimately ending up with science and the ministry of awareness see larry first is the universe but then there is us who are aware that is the universe if we didn't have that awareness than for all practical purposes there is no universe so that's a bigger mystery of what is awareness where does it come from is our perception of the would do would be it really is you know if a mosquito was looking at you in a dolphin and. and in order to go the three different versions of you so which
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one is the real one you know perception is misleading as william blake said we are led to believe a lie when we see with not through the eye that was born in the night to perdition in the night those slept in beams of atheist thinks that faith has all but the eighty's to come in the east today is dismantling the idea. is that it could be judge and all still a human being some dead weight in the sky i mean nobody believes god anymore but the fact is nobody should. do they do but you know the believing in the mythology but the fact is the big question is is this an accident and if this is an accident how come the accident created a nervous system that could not go back and look at the black hole of creation thirteen point eight billion years ago what do you think it is. what i think we can
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actually didn't know i think there is a grand design to it all i think you know it as a designer has to be a designer but there it would be math my magically improbable for i mean if you look at the origins of the universe and statistically there has to be a reason why we're here and i'm a believer in that sense we've never i've never grown up. with feet necessary i don't fall back on that i think that the law is that you don't pray to anyone you know i think that is a he says he said it before it's a cover up for insecurity if you have to sort of just give yourself over your belief system to something that doesn't align with modern cosmology and science as we know it then there's something wrong with the laws of nature are precise to the nth decimal point if they were a myth you know they were a little different we wouldn't be here so the question that we have to ask you at least the way this opus that is. why are there laws why do they exist why
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we were ordering them why we were below were no way to do with theory and o'brien was who's who came up with the exactly we're talking about the book god and about god them's documentary decoding the part we'll get to a bit of that but more on the god questions the number one question that everyone ask one would think is what happens when we die and you can say you know because no one no see you we who do the simply. know would as you're talking to him who had his own. party got him inside intuition inspiration and so that's the source of well being and when the transcend in meditation beyond what i call the subject object split go beyond the main in the field of silence that's the window to your soul which is the connection to the infinite mind so you basically incubate and then you recycle. how do you know that because everything restate the
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matter is they energy because information respect. yeah but reincarnate in the sense that the core consciousness which is your memories and your desire. in eastern traditions because karma that exist as seed form you can have two identical twins. and you see they have different personalities where do those pose discomfort do you fear death i don't know at all no in fact ever in gotham's move movie when to him on the street and just to control the day to meditate or push the dead and the impermanence of life every day so you could become through that you come to the. five year old son i mean i'm comfortable i guess i'm attached you know in
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a way that he's not i'm attached to my five year old son you know and that he's not attached to you it's in them and i asked him that question and you know that skipped right over them i love a lot but it's none of his business which means. in his loving me. explain that. issued really love somebody you know to them you could only love them if you detach because when you did you do in. those you don't own them you do it do you own your son at the moment so very well when they're five you have very emotionally attached to my my son but that will end when he's twenty and twenty two the number is you know i'm glad in a way i made this movie when i did because i think i have a different perspective at this stage of my life as a parent than i may have ten years ago when i wouldn't have been able to appreciate a lot of my father's a complicated and his audience its connection to his audience that i do know you
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proud of him very much yeah why did you allow the film. he thought he should do what he wants the wanted to do it these invading your privacy and he absolutely follow you follow that would normally be you tell me the methadone what you do. turn cameras on for almost a year i followed him to thailand it was the only enduring i couldn't escape the camera you know one of the narrator you know i'm also in front of the camera a lot because i discovered as i was making it you know what makes my father great in many ways as as a personality as a philosopher etc is that he doesn't have these dramatic arcs for this thing you go in a month that's terrible so i had to sort of put myself in front of the camera to have something to react off of because a lot of people are talking about the you show you meditating but he also falls asleep and that is regarded as a weakness just wants to meditate you don't fall asleep you know my father's this
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expression mary says if i point to the moon worship the moon not the finger and you know i think the fact that i have humanized him yes in this film i like to think it makes his message and the fact that he's still asking questions and as i'm listening to this cause. why i think you are a very spiritual person even though you may not think yourself to be your astonished to hear sopra hazed you heard it in when you made your all this spiritual does the that is the most spiritual feeling we can have to be constantly astonished and surprised that we exist you know it's a highly statistically highly unlikely event why do we exist. why do exists why do why are we aware they will know so in the movie i take him to a place where we had records of our ancestors ok my parents there.
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how far can you go back he said three hundred b.c. before christ when the miserable xander that came so we did some rough guide solutions to this very sobering moment for him in the movie because these are tens of millions of people who lived loved and died so we could have this conversation and one of them was missing in one of them was not in the mood or didn't have a gleam in the we wouldn't be here and where are they all now all. they all are they're all on this earth they are on the war zone where one of the point i make in the book what is perceptual this what we see to stay since we are just a projection of a deeper so you don't believe the statement perception is reality nor perception is perceive it it's real to me if you perceive it it's actually a temporary experience what makes you perceive that which makes you perceive is who you are perception is that species specific experience could be cause physical
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reality the perception of a school a lot of bad nematode is different so which one is real ok the fact is the only thing that makes perception possible is a feeling let me try to explain that little bit if you don't mind. i'm going to bring some right back totally right back don't go away we'll be back with the show for. the way.
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download the official application if you so choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television or it just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. plus has a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and they are continuing to follow the breaking news. alexander's family cry tears are so why great things other than. brenda arquette
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a court of law found online there's a story made for movies playing out in real life. you're making the point is electricity in this microphone there's electricity and. you get the same electricity rate right it has a different appearance rate to like that there's a single consciousness or spirit than man if this is these individual perceptual. realities you are not the one who perceives your deal when this in which perception happens just lake when i watch a television program with larry king or go on hulu. the picture is there but larry somewhere else so you know rumi the greats of people it is this is not the real
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reality in truth we are not here this is shadow jesus graces this is not where i am i'm in this world but not of it so our real identity is we are spiritual beings having a human experience this is what the great. day said so do not confuse yourself with your human experience you're a spiritual being having an empowerment and human excuse oh is that like growing up with him. you know first of all my father was a classic sort of immigrant i mean he came to this country with nothing and he built a life through a lot of hard work and before all this sort of celebrity philosophy stuff he was a practicing physician up until i was a teenager and i actually you are a medical doctor i don't i have many measures that and california i don't have many memories because he was always you know working an extra shift at the emergency
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room and stuff like that it was only when i got into teens that all this other stuff started picking up and hey it was a circus in its own way i mean we've talked about it but you know michael jackson came to my house to have dinner when i was fifteen years old and that's when i knew something crazy was happening have you ever been called upon later in life to usual medicine like help a person in distress you yes you all the time axis to. the bone broken bone you know well that could stitch up people they could do surgery he was removed mostly he always had the sort of detached for loss of favorites talked about and yeah i mean he wasn't the guy who learned how to play catch where there went to red sox games where got them says not having taken them to the red sox game he called the child abuse. and what do you call it do you have any regrets you think you should have taken him do so much of his mother was so good. way for being
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such a. compensated for whatever it was like why didn't you want to take him to a game in the beginning by the way i was just working my tail off i used to get paid four dollars an hour in the emergency room tune into does every two weeks will miss we could hardly pay the rent so those days. to go to school he went to a boys' school. to include concord it had me going to columbia she went to brown. it was expensive educations and it could be argued that taking meter at sox game then would qualify as child because. the idea was mean but you both agree that this is it and i think again i have. because of how hard my father worked we we bore the fruits of that labor and yeah i've gone to great schools gone to ivy league schools all of that do you think fans admirers of your father will have some
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disappointment members film i think the there's always going to be a different response lucille floor i think you will see but i think that humanizing of him will hopefully make his message that much more powerful but yeah i expect that some people who again worship their their image of him. they might have a common phenomenon recreate images of people who are celebrities or in the public sooner or later the images differ and we get enraged at the person is that a lot of we want by and large people appreciate i mean so far just in some of the informal screenings and festivals really good response and also because it's not just a movie about deep october and celebrity and getting behind the curtain it's a it's about people it's about the questions we're asking and the things we're wondering about and it's also about fathers and sons and families and i think there's a very familiar element to the to the movie do you get distress do you have emotional
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pain. i get restless about the fact that. the war of the terrorism the eco destruction the social injustice radical poverty those things bother me a lot worse than things actually don't bother me a friend is late to pick you up you don't get mad no move it's nothing it's a minor thing i'm thinking about black holes and different dimensions of space and why would anybody foot per person as late to pick me up it doesn't bother me at all and if i miss of late i usually just start to write a book or something that lama candidate like for example mitt romney doesn't discuss his faith should he have to i don't think so i think we should keep the two separate on the other hand we should also nor would people think that a lot of people right know in our political right who don't believe in evolution
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who discount global warming discone a lot of science and i think that's distressing to me you think because of you know i went to high school where josh romney one of the myths you know seduces yeah and i remember josh very fond they were phrases are going to. rick i so you know i think families great i couldn't disagree more with their politics but yeah i think it's important to have a understanding of basic faith but i don't think it should complicate you know the greater need for this country we've got a lot of people social media want to get at facebook jason depair assess if god were in this room when you had one question what would it be. weight create the universe. michael holmes as how do you reconcile faith and science why i don't recognize belief in science i think belief is a cover up for insecurity you only believe in things that you're not sure it will
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hurt but faith is the willingness to step into the unknown and that in fact is the basis of science well said gate on facebook i'd like to know where he believes spirits go after death you believe something leaves your body i think the body leaves your spirit. the spirit is always there just like if this room was destroyed nothing would happen to the space but the room would lose its appearance so the spirit doesn't leave the body moves. making sense you know that the source of the source never goes anywhere it's just stops they do say what happens to the movie when the television set is destroyed not prince is still there. maggie simian on facebook wants to know if you believe karma is god's justice no curve is a good line of. coma is just the consequence of our actions every
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action has a consequence in the few make choices says that our conscious and you create what is called good move has nothing to do with god only florrie's as has done them ever challenge departs beliefs of the every day. scenario jones among you know what you were talking about before which is you know how do we take this philosophy and really when the rubber hits the road what's happening in syria what's happening in this country to our economy how do you take this great wisdom but make it relevant that's what i struggle with in the movie a lot of struggled with it my whole life the way to that is very simple was our problems all our problems come from the hallucination of the fragmented in separate mind if we really had the experience that there is only one mind and we are part of it is only one ocean and all who is a part of it then we would solve these problems through compassion and love getting justice bob wants to know what's the most important life lesson you've learned to
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take yourself too seriously. same thing for me yeah that's a good one and on twitter ms c.j. right how do you believe in god. at all when you see scientific facts and hurricanes katrina holocausts how do you believe when you see in human heart is not a person god is infinite fee's of oz one hundred million one believe it ok you learn what you believe and what is it to believe in our side down a zigzag be good to be and he kills him is an infinite mind it contains everything the divine and the diabolical the sinner and the saint forbidden lust and unconditional love there are all different aspects of the one mind red sox and yankees fans where you make the rules that society has their rules don't you think i think for society to operate they have to be rules but these rules actually
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derive from what is called platonic truth so the religious experience was always one of inseparability and that's where the golden rule comes from do unto others as you would have them do unto you because the other is an aspect of yourself. has mankind advanced in your opinion very little because the trouble right now because we have not advanced psychologically and spiritually and we have weapons make in a death at the same time it's a very dangerous combination modern capacities and ancient tribal habits. from the earth. or we do was and more weapons this is crazy than it was with killing. you know be able reptilian brain that's about three hundred million years old an emotional brain that's hundred million years old and a rational brain that's four million years old so when it comes to crises we resort
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to that of julian and emotional brain and never to the logical and rational never dull. book. you could look for me at kings things i'll see a next time on larry king now. technology innovation. developments from around russia we. covered.
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is it possible to navigate you carney with all the details of his texts and misinformation and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the mainstream status if in your. it's.
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good afternoon and welcome the prime interest i'm hereon boring and i'm bob english and here's the headline that we're tracking the day of. more next signal ikea in new york the manufacturing of poor and beat expectations but the latest retail sales report this morning and disappointed that headline number increase is zero point four percent expectations were for double that and when you dig into the nuts and bolts of the report it gets worse excluding the auto and gasoline components sales actually dipped below is the what does private spending even matter as much as government spending anyway bob inglis and her views warn moser on modern monetary theory and to his take on this question in just a bit then citigroup reported a forty two percent increase in profits for the second quarter good news right well that's the.


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